Because of new small business tariff raises the price.

For three days the capital's entrepreneurs live by the new tariffs. From August 1
KSCA raised "communal" for legal entities to 14-78%. For example, a cubic meter of cold
water they have to pay at 0, 91 USD. more (5, 79 UAH / cu. m), for heating
- 9, 15 UAH. (20, 78 hrn. Per 1 sq. km. M), for "cube" of hot water - at 18, 37
UAH. (45, 44 grn.). Businessmen in shock, saying that an increase in communal
inevitably increase the cost of services. First, it involves the small
cafes, beauty salons and ateliers. "In the autumn will raise prices by at least 20%.
Communal became the last straw after a rise of the dollar ", - says
Director of tailoring atelier "Almarita" Natalia Glinka. Preparing
change the numbers in the small cafe menu. "On average, prices will increase the hryvnia
5 "- told a cafГ©" Jin Chang. " [Http://
] Worse to private schools. "We will demand that we equate
to gosshkolam respect to tariffs. Small private schools and so could hardly survive.
Not raising prices, they will operate at a loss, raising - will lose students
and will be shut down "- says the head of the Association of private schools in Kiev, Elena Movchun.
But City Hall is not going to revise tariffs. "They approved the State Inspectorate
price control. Gas prices have increased, and prices should increase, "
- Said the chief cupola pricing Basil Yastrubinsky.
MARKET WILL NOT hike prices Many entrepreneurs claim
that do not raise prices or in August or September - except that in October,
and even then only slightly. "Of course, the communal can not affect the cost of
services, but our prices are rather big and so terribly losing customers ", - says
owner of the salon "Nectarine" Love Nastenko. Part of the business will be
save on wages of employees to increase service was unobtrusive.
"Perhaps, in the fall only slightly increase the cost of running courses, but rather
everything will shake down the state. Now in order to save staff occupy
two positions, "- told us in the cafe" Mezzanine. " But the utility
Cinema please: do not promise to change prices in any case. "Last winter
for three months increased the power of our communal 4, 5-5 times, but at the cost of
ticket is not affected. Not going to increase and now "- is encouraging
director of the cinema "Leningrad" Irina Bogor.

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