Head of Telenor Group in Ukraine, Trond Moe compares investing in Ukraine
with the first experience of drinking vodka.

Maybe I'm not original, but agree that the theme of vodka - is inexhaustible.
Met here with that strong drinks and worked in Ukraine
for many years, I realized - between the consumption of vodka and investment in this country
have much in common. This is a start. First of all, you really do not want
to do this, thinking it would be absurd and frightening. After all, does not want to
drink standing before you stack to the bottom. Initially, you simply hold it in your hand
- Just to show off. Many foreigners, of course
, immediately say vodka firm "no", as well as many will not invest
in Ukraine. Yet some, such as I will not take the risk and one
"Test of vodka." I confess that at first it was a bit scary
but friendly Ukrainians assured - it is quite safe. Like, until
until you do the same as local: snack food such as fatty vodka
bacon and sausage, washed down with a compote, no problems. But, of course, is
true. Only you will understand it much later, when there is no turning back.
Here on the one hand you every two minutes, trying to hug a hefty friendly
fellow, and on the other - is flirting with you pretty girl. With the first
investment in Ukraine we had a similar situation. All assured us that
that is absolutely safe - just do as local, and all you have
will be fine. Only for God's sake, do not try to change anything - it's
rude! So, you're resting, swallow a shot of vodka first
- Feeling just awful! Body as a complete shock. You are convinced that the anticipation
was correct: after all, is not safe to invest in Ukraine. But as you know,
"Between the first and second pereryvchik small." Before you have time to recover,
toastmaster sends you, as the guest of honor right say second toast. After
What does the empty another glass. And again - it is unpleasant, but
is a little better than the first time. And this strange pickles
does not seem so disgusting. The third toast - for women and love.
You get up out of politeness, still holding onto his legs, and then you cry again:
"Bottoms up!" You drink and immediately start looking for that extremely tasty
cucumber. And - lo and behold! - You feel just fine - the cultural
shock has passed. Now you are almost an expert in all Ukrainian! So
and investments: everything goes better after the first shocking experience. You have already
accustomed to the fact that, as head must sign each piece of paper
extends well beyond the office and that the seal is the most valuable object
in the company. This seems odd, but you all get! There is suitable
the fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on toast. There is no need to remind
that the glass should be drunk to the dregs. You're an expert! You know exactly
what to do and how. And do not you notice that your toaster is not cheating and drinking
all your glass after each toast. By this time, Ukraine
it seems to you a beautiful country, and you feel wonderful. But here
you're trying to get up. What is wrong with balance, but with help
you could do it. No longer possible to restore the chain of events. Maybe
you fell off his chair as the body is sore in different places, and perhaps something
not say, because someone on someone screaming and no assurance
Do you have this one. The next day you wake up with a terrible headache
pain and an empty purse, trying to figure out if you do not sleep in one bed;
with someone unfamiliar. Foreign investor in Ukraine goes through
something like that. At first everything was fine, everyone was very friendly, but
Suddenly the party is over. Of course, it's not necessarily the sum
so. After that first terrible "test vodka" you do not need
do the same thing during a party with Ukrainian friends. Now you
have the opportunity to do otherwise, or to try to do it. But
Yet a change of approach to doing business in Ukraine is very difficult.
Finally, allow me to another allegory. Stupid alien continues
drink a glass of vodka to the bottom every time, because "there are so accepted." Smart
introduce alien Ukrainian colleagues with exquisite wines and dishes
with a strong espresso and sip cognac at the end of the meal. He
will acquaint their colleagues with the customs and cuisines from around the world. Stupid
and the Ukrainian, who refuses to try sophisticated dishes and wines and
requires vodka to foie gras, knocking a glass of Armagnac expensive one gulp,
his biting slice of lemon. A clever Ukrainian drink my vodka with pride
and from time to time. He also appreciates other customs and traditions at the table,
and in business. Trond Moe, Head of Telenor Group in Ukraine, President
European Business Association (EBA), a member of the Cabinet Council of Investors

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