Everyone knows that taking the decision to purchase , a man and woman are
behave differently .

However, when they take on luxury properties, the behavior that
usually characterized by a woman shows some reason for men, and vice versa. Why
does this happen? It is believed that women love to waste money. Exactly
referred to as a shopaholic. It is they who make purchases and at the same time guided
no common sense, and their emotions. But then, when it comes to real estate
women are carefully considering and traded to the last. This is due
primarily to the fact that the woman is the keeper of the hearth.
A house on a subconscious level, just associated with the hearth. So
woman with all the responsibility belongs to the choice of housing. There are four factors
to take into account the brokers in the sale of real estate.
1. Time. A man wants to save time spent searching for a suitable
housing. In contrast, a woman will continue to search until
can not find what he wants. 2. Place. Woman buys prestige, and a man -
admiration of others. 3. People. For a woman plays a role, what would the neighbors.
The man is a little worried. 4. Money. Women buying a property, consider
money. The men in this plan are subject to emotions. For example, if a house
fit him for the first 3-m factors, then it will be ready to pay for it
any money. All buyers can be divided into several
groups. The first group - couples. For them, it is important that from the point
where their house was convenient to go to work, as well as to a number of
were kindergarten or school, where they will be led by children. The second group
- Single men. For them, buying a house is important prestige, as well as to
He was not far from work, children and parents. The third group - a business lady.
If a woman buys herself a house, then it is dominated by money,
prestige, children and parents. Also be aware that the man in the choice of listening
According to his friends. The woman relies mainly on knowledge of the market.
There is still a factor of competitiveness. It is more important for women than for men.
That is her home should be better than a friend. For men, it is not
it is so important. But the status at home or neighborhood - for him it is more

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