By tradition , the builders on the eve of their professional holiday , which
will be celebrated on Sunday , August 9, sum up the work. at this
times they can not testify about the growth of the real estate market , as happened
in previous periods , but its incidence. Many large construction sites in Crimea
frightening silence reigned , the work stopped. An unknown number of construction
firms, which until the crisis had seventeen hundred , have retained their capacity for work.
It was the company "Consol" . According to pre

The mood among workers konsolevskih corresponds to the holiday? -
asked Vladimir Andreevich. The mood in our normal, work.
The situation is monitored by the Company, provided work for
all construction sites. And this is important. None of them will not freeze,
although because of reduced funding to slow down construction. Inspires
optimism that has ceased to decline the demand for new real estate, and in the fall
begin recovery of the market. You have identified a list of launch sites?
This was done at the beginning of the year. All objects that are included in
starting list, be sure to be put into operation. Specific tasks
related to the implementation of the program launch, set for the leaders
konsolevskih branches located in the Crimea and other regions of the country. Provide
branches of the necessary financial, material, and moral support.
How many housing your company plans to launch this
year? We surrender our customers a total floor space of apartments of two hundred thousand
square meters. It is thirty to forty cases. Do not be a crisis environment,
would build more. Raised his hand to two hundred eighty thousand square
meters, but the initial plans had to be reduced. Apparently, the reduced
and a monthly sale of apartments? Last year we sold a month
a hundred and fifty apartments, and sometimes more, at the beginning of 2009, as the figure
dropped to twenty-seven. Then again, there has been growing up to fifty or sixty
flats in a month. Hopefully in December to reach the level one hundred. But to fully overcome
crisis, as I said earlier, we will take up to three years. In bringing
Buyers should help you a well-established positive image of the company ...
Customers, as before, trust us, but many of them simply
do not have enough money to buy a home. And banks do not give credit. We are in the Crimea
is easier than building organizations in other regions. Crimea is
very attractive for the residents of Ukraine and abroad,
who are able to acquire modern and comfortable apartments.
By "Console" These people do not pass, affects its high prestige. Yes
and almost no evidence that someone else is building apartment houses.
The table rankings of the leading Ukrainian companies "Console" now in what
place? One hundred sixty-third of the hundred most valuable brands
Ukraine, among the construction companies - in the fifth. We have retained their positions,
while many companies have generally disappeared from the construction market.
Last year, you publicly announced the launch of major projects
to expand and develop konsolevskoy industrial base, they are not stopped?
Work in progress, including in Borispol, Kiev, under which, for
Crimean south coast, in Simferopol, Sevastopol. But the projects are implemented
not as fast as we would like and as originally planned. Cause
- In the absence of bank loans. In the best situation is the construction of
plant for the production of aerated concrete building material for which
we bought a full set of modern, efficient Western European
equipment, laid out fifteen million euros. In the first quarter of next
here, the complete assembly of equipment, then followed his six-month
adjustment. By the autumn the company will manufacture products that will coincide with the
notable revival of the construction market. First, ensure gas concretes needs
own buildings, and then begin to deliver it to other organizations,
everyone. Actually I should say that big companies can not
yardstick to live one year, should cover the eyes and long periods respectively
plan their work, develop a production base as the foundation of modern
construction. Do not break if your plans are for the revival in Ukraine
panel construction according to Finnish technology? In this regard,
also have a hard time. Still gaining momentum our Sevastopol
house-building. In Simferopol, the streets are built Nikanorova
House from the panels and other structures in the Finnish DSC technology. The construction of the
of the house and in Sevastopol, in Omega Bay. You do not start now
new and ambitious projects? We already have an extensive list of
projects. Here and in the office and shopping centers and sports facilities, and quarters
houses, and detached housing. Recently, in Yalta, was put into operation
house for five thousand square meters, there is soon complete the construction
Another large residential facility for eighteen thousand square meters.
How justified your forecasts for the current
economic and financial crisis? Most confirmed my initial
conclusions. In November last year I showed them our work collective.
As anticipated, my colleagues, two or three months ago stopped falling
construction industry, now industry as it moves along the bottom. But soon
will move up the hill. In the media reported that the Cabinet
Ministers began the same help in the completion of construction companies
under construction, ready for seventy percent or more ... Yes,
government launched a program to support construction companies
however, substantially curtailed in comparison with its initial parameters.
To me it seems to be less robust, may give rise to the construction
field many new problems. One gets the impression that the government offer
obviously inefficient program to discourage builders to participate
in it. Our company has so far refrained from such participation. How can
construction companies to make ends meet with low housing prices?
Weak companies are gone from this market, it really became marginally profitable.
But leading companies have remained in this area, I mean first of all
Five construction companies from the top of their rating table.
Help us to survive their own funds, the trust of customers.
And the experience gained in past periods of crisis. In the near future prices
for modern living will go up. Could it happen in Ukraine
such a catastrophic decline in construction industry, whether in power
more efficient, professional government? Government
long should have been put in place elaborate anti-crisis program
including in construction, but we do not notice any real steps of the authorities, although
would be to retain the situation at an acceptable level. Businesses have their own
to survive, who as you can. How konsolevskie workers will be celebrating
Day of the builder? This holiday is the same for us with the foundation day
company. At the celebration, we remain committed to its long tradition.
Each worker will receive from the company's gift, front-rank production, except
will also be awarded with diplomas. The branches will be festive
meetings and concerts. In conclusion, I want to talk passionately and sincerely
konsolevskih congratulate all employees on a holiday, and wish them good
health, well being of their families and new successes for the benefit of our company.
Happy builder of all their colleagues from other building
Organizations! Ivan Andreev.

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