Forbes named 10 cities on the planet with the best cuisine.

These places can offer the best of world cuisine, says Laurent Sherman Paris is known for its pastries, restaurants,
praised guide Michelin, and steak with fried potatoes.
In Rome, the lure gourmets square pieces of pizza with zucchini, Capri
sandwiches and of course ice cream. Tokyo famous for such dishes as sashimi
and robatayaki. Tradition - this is very important, due to which
these pillars of world cuisine are the main places of pilgrimage for
gourmets. The list was compiled based on data from Anholt-GfK Roper
City Brands Index, which were received in June this year. Formerly known
as Anholt City Brands Index, an organization started its activities in 2005
by Simon Anholt, who works as an independent consultant to
20 national, regional and municipal authorities on issues of brand strategy
and social democracy. Were interviewed 10 000 people from 20 countries.
They were asked to evaluate the 50 cities on various aspects such as climate,
general appeal, restaurants and nightlife. To determine
which cities are most associated with good food, respondents were asked
analyze their thematic list - including food and there was -
and call what they find most interesting in each city. Headed
a list of cities receiving the largest number of votes for the item "food".
Mexico City and Barcelona completing the top five. While Americans
The Canadians may not think this city is a hot culinary point in Europe
Asia and disagree. "In Mexico City, comes a lot of people out of Egypt;
Russia, Sweden, Australia and many other countries, and it shows that the Mexican
cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in the world, "Paris Rome Tokyo Mexico City
Madrid Barcelona Beijing Hong Kong Shanghai in Mexico City Milan you can try
delicious tamales at El Monasterio, traditional village dishes
in Casa Merlos and hot chocolate at El Cardenal. Places such as these - adorable
both tourists and local residents - is one of the main reasons
why Mexican cuisine has become popular the world over the past 20 years.
And overseas helped Barcelona to get on the gastronomic map of such dishes
as paella (rice and seafood), traditional Catalan dishes such as
Escalivada (made from roasted smoked vegetables), salad
cod, bread, tomatoes, traditional tapas snacks. Someone
might think that the government of Mexico City and Barcelona to impose their kitchen
tourists through advertising. "You can spend millions of dollars on advertising
campaign, but if the food is actually not at all tasty, people will not eat it "
- Says Anholt. He also notes that Mexico City and Barcelona have
benefit from the increase in continental tourism (mainly due to more
cheap flights), as well as increased interest in culinary tourism.
Representatives of the trade group International Culinary Tourism Association
say that the term "culinary tourism" entered the lexicon only in 2001.
In 2007, only U.S. 27 million has gone to such travel,
that 17% of total departures for leisure. In
While the top five cities for gourmet is in fact what
five is the most popular cuisines in the world, there are other contenders.
One of them - Chinese cuisine. In Beijing, there is even a culinary tourist
Group Hias Gourmet, which is engaged in culinary tourism in the country. Three
Chinese cities - Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai - occupy the seventh,
eighth and tenth in the list. Canton Eating right ball for all
These cities and specialties such as Shanghai hairy crab, Peking
Chicken beggar and Hong Kong dim sum is added the local color.
Note that the list did not get in London, which over the past 20 years has become
a paradise for gourmets, and New York, restaurant capital of the United States. While this is no doubt
exciting in terms of cooking, their food just is not as dynamic,
as in other parts of the world. Morimoto Restaurant in New York prepares
melt in your mouth sushi, but their culinary ideas back to their roots deep in Japan.
Hakkasan - one of the favorite restaurants of London, but this is a cuisine Chinese,
rather than British. "As the UK and the USA are remarkable in terms of culinary
Diversity - says Anholt. - But that does not change the fact that for people
American food is mainly associated with McDonalds ". This
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