Maybe you find a suitable job interferes with passivity , bad summary
or simply being late for an interview.

1. Bad summary ... No matter how trite And this despite the fact that the Internet
and other sources you can find lots of suitable (or not) resume templates
and recommendations for their preparation. However, uninformative, illiterate and
Other "nedorezyume" up to 50% of all resumes received by the staff
agency. Recruiters, shovel hundreds of resumes a day, will confirm.
Tip: take a resume writing at least 2-3 hours. Choose the best
sample, such as this one. Highlight key words, your accomplishments and your
advantage over other candidates. 2. Passivity in the search
you send your resume work in a dozen companies and sit, waiting for a call?
Who should be more: you - or they work - are you? Even if you have special class,
remember that at this place a dozen claimants. Tip: take
the initiative, please call HR-manager, call a potential leader,
Remind about themselves, work towards the early meetings. Speed ​​matters.
3. Unsystematic approach you put a summary on the Internet, click throughs
newspapers, and that's it? Do not wait! Remember that half the jobs on the Internet
and newspapers - so-called. "Advertising" to create a personnel reserve accumulation
Summary. Tip: Use a maximum of search paths. Treat search
work, as in this work. Do this systematically for several hours
per day, track contacts, etc. 4. The passivity of the interview
You said: "We will call you the other day." Do not believe it. This may continue
2-3-4 Week ... Will they choose so long? No. They have hired
more orderly. Tip: initiate their own feedback to the employer.
Start with the question "When and to whom do I call to find out about your
decision and to continue the dialogue? "5. Communicate only with personnel manager
HR-V and too many jobs to remember about all candidates
and be interested in your job. Its mission - to "close"
job and forget about it. In you, as a worker, may be more interested
potential leader. Tip: go directly to the future
chief, he is often interested in strengthening his department. But
Proceed carefully, without falling into the other extreme, as in the following paragraph.
6. Disrespect for the recruiter you do not try to be positive
impression on the recruiter, considering it unnecessary to mediate? Ignore it,
or demonstrating a slight contempt? In vain. It sometimes depends on your
fate. Tip: You behave with HR-ohm, so that it became
your ally. Otherwise, your resume will be in the trash can. 7.
Summary of spam as you send your resume to all the jobs in a row
even if you do not have one or insufficient qualifications? Hope to chance and
installation "Give to try - I can cope" - can only work on
the lower steps of the career. Summary of the apparent discrepancy between the requirements clearly
set out in the vacancy, irritated and takes time recruiters. The answer to
call a recruiter, "I sent out resumes to hundreds of different jobs, and you have some,
tell? "indicates a lack of clear goals and your" omnivorous "that
now is not the price. Tip: Respect other people's work. Before sending
resume, make sure you are on formal skills - the right candidate.
And keep a record of companies and jobs, where you sent the resume. 8.
Ignoring Internet etiquette, for example, name the file with a summary of "my
summary, "" I "," Lesch, resume 'or a nickname. Or just give a link to their
Virtual resumes posted on job-site. Hey, eychar, turn, look
and download. Tip: You name the file by its name and add the job title,
for example, "Petrov Nikolai, an accountant." Think like a recruiter will maintain
(And then to find!) Your resume in the database, help them help themselves
do not get lost in thousands of resumes. 9. Reluctance to go to the interview
Yes, it happens ... It happens that the conversation with the candidate, who already
3 months, "seeking work", you will know that all this time he attended only 4-5
interviews. And it's 3 months? To quickly find a good job and have
choice, you must attend 2-3 interviews a day! And to get
10 invitations to interview, you need to send out 100 resumes.
Tip: go for the interview seems to work. If the work does not take away;
so at least potreniruetes and new information on the market will get. 10.
Being late for an interview Most recruiters are invited to a
open more than one candidate in a row at intervals of 30-45 minutes. Except
nepedantichnosti demonstration, its late and you still break schedule recruiter.
But it seems worth it. Being late for more than 20 minutes (only
if you're not a man frilanserskoy profession) - 80% refusal. Tip:
better come early. 11. Refusal to Test
Yes, and questionnaires, most HR-managers - the graduates of the psychological
Faculties and love all these games with the tests. But sometimes the testing of candidates
is really important and even a requirement of the employer.
Council. Even if you are skeptical about the tests, smile and
support the game. Do everything quietly, gently and without too many questions and jokes.
Help those most recruiters make a decision. Then your chances of 50 \\ 50. A
rejection of the test you cross out the candidate list by 90%. 12.
Inflated salary and career ambitions Remember: no superstar
looking for work, she finds them herself. If you send us a resume, then you
not a superstar. This is no time perk. Often the alleged high salaries
and beautifully named post - only to lure candidates to be
greater choice. Conversely, unremarkable at first glance, the position may
give you a major boost and rapid growth. Council. Look for a broader look
deeper and perspectives. 13. Negative about past job
What not to speak about past places of work? A lot of things: about the conflict,
gossip, scandals, bad boss and dislike to him, lazy employees.
Tip: Read a few articles, how to answer questions at the reception
to work. 14. Parish for an interview during working hours, of course,
does it matter if you're in now. What you said
superiors about the cause of absences? Asked to go "to hospital" or other school
stupidity? Or "did not say anything, my absence no one will notice ...".
In other words, you cheated, or leader, or skips. Who needs
an employee? Tip: go for an interview after hours
or at lunchtime. So you show loyalty to the current employer
and, most likely in the future. Alternative: if the employer knows about your
upcoming retirement, agree with him and have at least verbally, but official
resolution. 15. Cheating on a resume or in interviews here
do not mean a slight exaggeration of skills or accomplishments protrusion.
And write what is not and was not. Tip: honesty is the best policy,
all the secret becomes clear, and so on When you tell the truth, you do not need
nothing to remember. 16. Vague wording of the objectives and Banal
common phrases in the section Summary of "objective" as: "An interesting job with a decent
wages "," Search interesting developmental work with a possible career
and professional growth, which will be paid adequately, "" getting
vacancy with the possibility of career and financial growth, "etc.
meet every second and did not resume to position you as a candidate.
Often have to literally pull ticks the true goals of the applicant
and enter a summary of specific phrases to receive such a position in such a
field with the desired income so something. And the prospect of such and such ... Tip:
Narrow down your goals, avoid cliches and grandiloquent general phrases.
17. Excessive talkativeness and encompassing unwanted by the interview
Mention details of his personal life, relationships with family, coworkers,
nuances of the health issues of religion, politics, etc. Desire in the near future
time to open your business. For women - pregnancy and childbirth ambulance. Misty
Answers to questions about the motives of dismissal from past jobs. Tip:
nothing more, just business. At least at the first interview.
Plus a bit of humor ... 18. Failure to disclose a bad self-representation
your strengths, remember to achieve the successes. Short-syllable
Answers, stiffness and uncertainty. The inability to apply himself, to "sell" ... Unwillingness
to give or "forgetting" phone referees and former executives.
Tip: read, finally, 2-3 from thousands of articles on the Internet on "how to successfully
for an interview, "and work out. 19. Inappropriate and incorrect
questions from your side, for example: a) What does your company?
b) When I raise the salary? a) Do you have any vacancies
except for this one? d) How fast can you expect promotion? d) Can
I would suggest to you what traffic goes? e) What is your allocated
time for smoke breaks? e) If you take me, can I be to start
week or 3-4? And the wrong answer to the question whether there is
you have any questions? - "I have no issues." Sergei Belyaev
director of recruitment agency 'Navigator'.

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