In case of victory in presidential elections , Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko
intends to hold a rotating leadership of the National Bank of Ukraine ( NBU).

"After the presidential campaign, but I'm sure that I would win it, it (the hryvnia exchange rate
- Ed.) Will be in our jurisdiction, because the President submits nomination
head of the NBU (for approval by Parliament - ed.). And that's why I am convinced
that with the course everything will be fine, "- said in an interview with the Ukrainian TV channels
which aired on Thursday. Tymoshenko reiterated that the cost
reasonable course is 6-6, 50 UAH / $. According to her, the current rise
hryvnia - "a large, well-costed speculation." (National Bank of Ukraine
in August 7th, 2009 established an exchange rate: U.S. $ 100 -769.8000 USD).
The Prime Minister also said that the cause of problems in a number of banks was not a crisis,
and irregularities in the use of the money received for their refinancing.
"In Ukraine, more than 180 banks. Today in trouble are just a few of them.
And the trouble with these banks, when they in fact were on the verge of bankruptcy,
- Not the global financial crisis, it is simply a banal theme, when the National
Bank began to assist these banks, giving them a large amount of money, a substantial
some of that money was withdrawn in the company just offshore. Where owners
ordered the money, which gave the National Bank, honestly - all banks are now
operate and perform their normal function ", - said Tymoshenko. At the same time
She stressed that the government has increased the capital immediately after the
crisis, the two state banks - "Oschadbank" at 12 billion USD. "Ukreximbank"
- 6 billion UAH. Than immediately to protect these two banks from negative
impact of the global crisis. However reshenieproblem commercial banks, stressed
Prime Minister, not a matter for government. "That's why
what we are seeing what is happening with several private banks,
- We just could not stay away, although it is not our function, not ours
competence and not our mandate. I want to emphasize this. But given the situation,
we could not leave people in trouble, and today we are starting the initiative
Government on 15 th recovery program ... - the restoration of the banks,
which are now discontinued payments ", - said Tymoshenko.

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