Prime Minister of Russia and Turkey signed an intergovernmental agreement on oil
gas and nuclear energy. Thus, Turkey has agreed to simultaneously
on Russian gas pipeline "Southern stream " and the European Nabucco

Prime Minister of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday
Ankara, in the presence of extra arriving Italy's Silvio
Berlusconi signed an intergovernmental agreement and protocols on the pipeline
"South Stream" pipeline and Samsun - Ceyhan oil pipeline. Signed documents and
cooperation in space, nuclear and commercial industries. Turkey has given permission
to conduct research on the project "South Stream" in its
territorial waters and in principle agreed to its construction.
To study the project Samsun - Ceyhan oil pipeline will have a working group. Volumes
oil, which Russia will supply will be determined through further
negotiations. Less depending on Ukraine's main goal, "South Stream"
- The diversification of routes of Russian gas exports and reducing dependence
of transit, primarily from Ukraine, the director of East European
Gas Analysis Michael Korchemkin. It is planned that this pipe will be pumped
35% of exported Russian gas. Its commissioning is planned
Building on the 2015 "South Stream" is scheduled to begin no later than November
2010, said yesterday's Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko. Meanwhile, Turkey
already a signatory to the agreement to build a pipeline
Nabucco, by which the Caspian gas will flow into Europe, bypassing Russia.
Erdogan said yesterday that the projects are not competitors. But experts
convinced of the contrary. "There is a race gas, forcing each of the parties
build their own route, fearing competition for success, "- says
Natalia Leshchenko of IHS Global Insight. The parties also discussed the gas pipeline project
"Blue Stream - 2", implementation of which Russia and Turkey have agreed to
in the middle of May. But now the project went into action, said
Putin. Now analyze the market for the project. Cost, the exact route
and date of construction has not yet determined. "Blue Stream - 2" can undergo
through Italy, Greece, via Turkey in the direction of Israel. Project
envisages the construction of additional branches. "Gazprom" to privatize
gas distribution network in Turkey In addition, "Gazprom" has agreed with
Turkish Aksa Dogalgaz about exporting gas to Turkey, on the joint construction
gas-fired power plant and a liquefied natural gas, as well as
partnership in the privatization of gas distribution network in Ankara and Istanbul
the president said Aksa Dogalgaz Cemil Kazandzhi. Russia will increase exports
gas to Turkey, Putin said, without specifying how. Last year, Russia
Turkey has put in 23, 8 billion cubic meters. meters of gas. "In the nuclear industry signed a document
common property - on co-operation "- said a source in the delegation. Parties
agreed to work more efficient project construction of the first
nuclear power plants in Turkey, said a representative of "Rosatom" Vladislav Bochkarev. Created
a temporary alliance and the main goals of Russia and Turkey are the same - to increase weight
in the international arena, said Leshchenko. Turkey has long wanted to become
powerful in a transit state, said Korchemkin: there was a trade-off -
Ankara has supported Russia's "South Stream" in exchange for your Samsun - Ceyhan oil pipeline.
Prior to this, the country was not material to fill the pipe and the feasibility of the project
was in question, said Andrew Neff of IHS Global Insight. With
"South Stream", "Gazprom" will fulfill its primary purpose - to get away from transit
Depending on the Ukraine, said Korchemkin. But the "South Stream" because of this
increases of $ 1 5 billion

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