Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko during his visit to Odessa, promised to stop
privatization of Odessa Portside Plant , if the company will not be
conducted an environmental audit .

Thus, according to the deputy of the Odessa City Council of PR , a leader of public organization
Quality of life Alexey Goncharenko, environmental auditing is a key
requirement of the picketers , who today met the Head of State
at the Odessa airport. " We handed treatment of Viktor Yushchenko , signed by citizens
almost 5000 people , which require the implementation of the Law on Environmental
Audit in respect of the SCR. This procedure should give an answer whether to privatize
enterprise, and if so, under what conditions , "- said Goncharenko. Together
so , he noted that the president promised to convey the requirements of Odessa
Cabinet to monitor and audit procedures . " If
audit will not , Viktor Yushchenko is ready to veto the decision to sell
IPF , "- said Goncharenko. Remember, in the State Property Fund of Ukraine announced
that the Odessa Port Factory claimed over 10 companies , which will
increase the asset value up to $ 900 million

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