Insurers in January -June 2009 increased the collection of insurance premiums on its policies
compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners
vehicles ( CTP ) of 6% over the same period
2008 - to 637 , 799 mln.

Sales of insurance policies increased by 7% - up to 3 376 million According to the report
Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau (MTIBU), payments for specified
period increased by 23% - to 239, 491 mln. During this period, insurers
settled 32, 242 thousand cases (3%). Treasury redeems Eurobonds
at $ 512 million repaid Ukraine eurobonds issued in 2004
$ 500 million, according to Acting Minister of Finance Igor
Umansky. Ukraine in 2004 placed the five-year Eurobonds
totaling $ 500 million of floating rate at six months
Libor +337, 5 basis points with a maturity of August 5, 2009 and payment
percent annually - February 5 and August 5. Deposits in Ukrprombank
may fall into one of the state bank depositors' funds Ukrprombank
can be translated into Oschadbank or "RodovС–d Bank," reported and. Fr. Minister
Finance Igor Umansky. "We will take the appropriate amount of assets and
liabilities, and pass them on to other bank services ", - he said. On
He said, "RodovС–d Bank" is regarded for these purposes. "Interfax-Ukraine",
"Ukrainian News"

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