In I half of the demand for Australian office has fallen to its lowest level since the early
1990 . level due to the impact of the global financial crisis.

According to the Council of Australian real estate , bankruptcy, major companies,
decline in business and entering new areas has led to the demand
for offices up to six months fell by 160 284 square meters. m. The percentage of unemployment
office space has increased the most rapid in the last 17 years
pace, writes The Australian. In January this year the figure was
5, 9 % in July - for 8 , 3%. According to CEO Peter Ververa Council , the restoration of
demand may begin no earlier than three years. The largest increase
vacancy occurred in the central business districts of Perth and Brisbane
(6 , 7 and 6 , 5%, respectively ). In Melbourne the figure rose to 0 , 1%,
Sydney - 2 , and 3% . In the capital, Canberra, the level of vacant office
area rose by 2, 2%, to mark 9, 2 %. Over the next half
years, the country will be introduced about 1 and 3 million square feet. m of new offices.

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