Instead, the promise of money investors were troubled banks extension of the moratorium
and uncertainty in the future refund. Now someone take neuspel
money can bring them to court and only for very good reason.

Two-week limbo Ukrprombank depositors who had not managed
summon from it hung deposit has cleared. Despite the end of
stay still on July 21, money they still will not give up - NBU extended the moratorium.
A similar fate awaits "Nadra Bank" (the moratorium will expire on 10
August) and a dozen smaller banks. National Bank operational
took advantage of the Law of the peculiarities of financial recovery
banks, which were given the right to extend the NBU moratorium on satisfaction
creditors for six months, if at the time such a law existed.
According to the decree NBU в„– 447, investors can not get Ukrprombank
their deposits without good reason or a court before January 21, 2010
Until that date, the bank has the right to repay only within limits
established by the interim administration and approved by the NBU. Delighted
holders of deposits have been forced to wait again and overwhelm the courts claims.
Some experts have questioned the legality of the moratorium extension
for Ukrprombank because at the time of enactment (July 24) he has finished
(Last day was July 21). "We can not assess the legal validity of
extension of the moratorium in the bank. In fact, it was removed and re-enter.
Obviously, the National Bank and the Cabinet to extend the moratorium quietly profitable for six months.
When you can have no doubt that, even if the NBU had no right to renewal,
moratorium will be in effect a similar ban on the issuance of deposit, which
was introduced to the banking system and is not legally issued, "- said
in a law firm. The Cabinet, in turn, was able to
pull time of the adoption of decisions on recapitalization Ukrprombank
and "Nadra Bank". As director of the department has admitted to participation
State banks' capitalization Finance Teimour Bagirov, the government
and did not intend to take any sort was a decision on the fate of Ukrprombank
before the entry into force of the law. According to him, the expectation was beneficial because
scheme for further work in this bank is largely dependent on new
opportunities provided by law. "We now see the path as" Nadra
Bank "and nationalize Ukrprombank within a month, make public
and begin to return people to their property - their money, "- said yesterday
Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. However, she did not say when the Cabinet will
decision. The decision making process of government involvement
in improving Ukrprombank and "Nadra Bank" has long been like a ping-pong.
"Between the National Bank and the Treasury is throwing a ball. Because you need to take
solution, each knocks the ball from his half of the field "- say experts.
Previously, the Finance Ministry said it has not received the representation of the National Bank
recapitalization "Nadra Bank" and Ukrprombank. In response, the NBU taunted that
Cabinet is afraid to declare openly refusing to recapitalize banks.
Later, the government has been accused by the quality of interim administrations,
not fulfilled in time requirements for recapitalization. At the end of
all National Bank Finance Ministry sent a letter asking to "clarify the final
position "with regard to Ukrprombank and" Nadra Bank "and offered to release
securities to ensure that payments to investors and banks to transfer assets
in Oschadbank. Acting. Finance Minister Andrej Umansky was in favor of
this idea and said that the ministry is considering the transfer
funds still in the "Rodovid Bank." In this case, according to the ministry, assets
Ukrprombank enough to cover only 20% of the creditors.
According to sources, the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" in the National Bank, the moratorium
also extended to "Nadra Bank" (former expires August 10), "Zahidinkombanka"
(August 12) and several others. In the coming months the moratorium on satisfaction
creditors' claims should be completed in the Odessa-Bank (22 August), in
Transbank (September 1), the bank "BIG Energy" (September 15) and Regional Bank
Development (September 23). Another six months time, probably taken in order
to resolve issues with foreign creditors and debtors and banks, as well
the same in the future for troubled banks to find potential investors that
would help improve the financial system. Lifting of the moratorium on withdrawal of deposits
now would lead to further deterioration in banks.

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