Stabilization of economic activity in Ukraine should be expected no earlier
2011. This forecast was made ​​in an interview with Glavred director of the Institute of Economic
Research and Policy Consulting Igor Burakovsky .

"In terms of the temporal dimension, the stabilization of economic activity
Ukraine is obviously to be expected no earlier than 2011. In the best case,
in 2010 may have some minimal positive trend, but the real
and more or less tangible for all to rise as much in 2001, "- said the expert.
In addition, Igor Burakovsky believes that Ukraine has not yet gone through the bottom of the crisis.
"You can say that we are nearing the bottom of the crisis, but I honestly
speaking, I can not say that we have already experienced a crisis. Only mention it
inhibition. A question about how retarded we finally have it or not,
for me is still open, "- said the expert. According to him, the achievement of
bottom of the crisis will be evidence that the economy, "if not grow,
at least, will not continue to fall. "" That is, will have more or less
stable indicators of development. For example, the GDP will not increase
on a monthly or quarterly to measure, but no longer will be reduced. May
observed some improvement in some sectors. It will be small,
but this would mean that we have pushed a little off the bottom. Maybe
at this time a little change the behavior of Ukrainian consumers - they are already
will not run between the dollar and grivna and will not seek any other
exotic ways to save money. On termination of the crisis may indicate
and what will not be reviewed, such as wages, which have
that cut, "- said Burakovsky.

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