Again, there were rumors that the Poles want us to get around in Euro 2012.

Final Euro 2012 will take place not in Kiev and Warsaw. This conclusion is rushed
Ukrainian media make statements after the Press Secretary of the Football Federation
Jakub Kwiatkowski of Poland. According to him, UEFA decided to establish the International
translational Centre (International Broadcasting Center) is Euro 2012
in Warsaw. Give any other details, he refused. "Indeed,
IBC is set in the city of the finals - has confirmed to us the chief
Department of Sport and novostiynyh broadcasts NGO "Surface" Vladimir Nora.
- At Euro 2008, which took place in Austria and Switzerland, for example, IBC was
in Vienna, where he took the final. If confirmed rumors that the IBC Euro 2012
will be in Warsaw, then it means that there will likely and a final. I contacted
with Polish colleagues, and they are all very surprised by this, but know where
grow up. Rumors circulated a radio station В«ZВ», which in Poland is not
has authority, and has previously disseminated information, the discredited
Ukraine as a country that can hold Euro-2012 ". Also, Mr. Nora said
us that the talk of the IBC in Kiev with representatives of UEFA were. As
variants considered the Palace of Sports. Although he, in his opinion, is too small.
Another option - Exhibition Centre on the Left Bank. In the FFU while refuse
believe in the reality of the "Warsaw" rumors. "If UEFA want to express concerns
opportunities in Ukraine, he would have made it official - said the "Today"
Head of Information Policy FFU Sergei Vasiliev. - But
even on the website of the Polish federation is no information about the translational
Centre no. " Suspicions that the Poles were deliberately spread rumors about the unavailability
our country for Euro 2012, to all the championship game to host, Vasiliev
commented cautiously: "Not the fact that their Polish colleagues are spreading."

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