Back in May, Russia promised together with Europe to give credit for the purchase of Ukraine
Russian gas. European banks are willing to give up $ 1 7 billion, but Moscow
to help a neighbor does not want.

Earlier this year, Ukraine asked Russia for a loan of $ 4-5 billion for the purchase of
gas for injection into underground storage (UGS) in anticipation of winter. In May, Prime Minister
Vladimir Putin said he was willing to consider it, if half the money will
EU. "If Europe is interested in lending organization in Ukraine,
then Russia will consider the possibility of their participation in this pool "- echoed
Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin. The EBRD and other banks recently agreed to provide
$ 1, 7 billion to Ukraine in 2009-2010. - Though mostly on investments
"Naftogaz" to transport and gas reforms. And Russia, as it turned out, and does
no credit is no longer considering. Moscow is aware of the EU decision and now
analyzes it, Sechin said. "But it needs a loan from us until
No - he said. - In fact, we already gave a loan to Ukraine in the form of an advance
for transit. "This is a payment of" Gazprom "almost $ 2 billion for transit
EU gas to Ukraine in February 2010 did not apply for more money, says
Russian official. There were two ways to resolve the problem: loan to Ukraine
with the participation of Russian banks or without them. Kiev chose the second option,
says the source. Ukraine is waiting for an answer But Kiev has a different version. Application
for a loan made earlier this year, still in force, says aide
Prime Minister Oleksandr Hudyma: "We are waiting for an answer." Prime Minister Yulia
Tymoshenko aired "on certain channels," Putin that he hopes to help
he adds. True, the EU also provides for the purchase of gas for only $ 300 million, but only
to provide reliable transit should be $ 2 billion, said Hudyma. Russia
could provide the same amount. Although "it would be more than pleased" to receive
a lot of support, such as a $ 500 million, he adds: "If Russia did
this is in response to the EU's decision, I think, and Ukraine would be pleased, and reputation
Putin would have been saved. "Kiev and Moscow is not the first time differ on
who and what is promised, it happens almost always when it comes to gas. For example,
Tymoshenko said last fall that "Naftogaz" record gas reserves
UGS and if you happen to quarrel with "Gazprom", nothing bad will happen
- The fuel will last until spring. But when the war started in the gas, Ukraine has become
collect fuel from the transit pipeline, and Europe froze. The dispute was resolved,
when "Gazprom" and "Naftogaz" signed two new 10-year contract. AND
Tymoshenko promised again: transit problems now will not be until 2019
However, "Naftogaz" has already hinted at "Gazprom", which is not averse to revise the contract,
told managers of both companies. Can get to the New Year before the new
conflict, representatives of "Naftogaz" and "Gazprom" does not comment.

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