The government must finance the construction funds (FSF) in September
insure the risks of delayed commissioning of housing. under insurance
subject to the property interests of home buyers who have conveyed to the management
Fund money to build .

This obligation is contained in the released August 10 ruling
в„– 805 of July 22 "On approval of rules and mandatory insurance
property risks under the contract on participation in the fund financing the construction, "
writes Kommersant-Ukraine. According to the decree, the newspaper writes,
will insure the risks of delayed introduction of the object,
non-conformity state standards, fulfillment or improper fulfillment
work, lack of technical documentation for the equipment. Insurance premium paid
once and can not exceed 1% of sum insured. The decision
the payment or denial from the insurer has 15 days. Then, within 10 days
he must make the payment of the funds received by the FSF housing.
In turn, the funds financing the construction promise to insure
risks of delays in the introduction of the facility into operation only at the expense of clients-individuals
and when signing new contracts. "We will insure for new funds
and existing conditions will not change - staff said Kreditprombank.
- In order to insure such risks, individuals will have to pay. "
As the head of the publishing operations of another trust
Bank customers in the contracts will CFF line of insurance with separate
sum. As the newspaper writes, before the economic crisis in Ukraine
subject to compulsory insurance only construction and assembly risks
including damage during construction. But the December 18
2008 Parliament passed the law 692-VI of the support of the construction industry,
make it compulsory insurance against risks of participation in FFS. Funds have to start
insurance customers six months after the law takes effect - 12
September. According to Goskomstat, in I half of the volume of construction
work decreased by 54, 9%, to 14, 935 billion USD, and preparation of construction sites
- 45% to 727 million UAH. In January-May, commissioned 1 295 000 000
square. meters of housing (-33, 8%).","\u0026nbsp;

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