The government intends to tighten control over the property imported into Ukraine
in the form of foreign investment. In the Ministry of Economy revealed that the equipment
and personal property imported under the guise of equity investments without
payment of fees , in violation of the law are sold in the first three years . so
Ministry has developed a document that eliminates evasion scheme
taxes. However , officials later realized it - inflows
almost stopped , experts say.

According to "Kommersant-Ukraine", Ministry of Economy announced on Friday
Draft Resolution "On Amendments to the Regulations on procedure of state
Registration of foreign investments ", which contains the order cancellation
state registration of the investment made to the capital in the form of property. Absence
cancellation of the order of state registration of the excluded investments "actually created
a new scheme of evasion of duties ": goods are recorded as foreign
investment, and then leased for three years with a further purchase,
the explanatory note to the draft resolution. Ministry of Economics
were known to the repeated entry of foreign investment as
Vehicles, boats and industrial refrigerators. The mechanism of withdrawal
state registration of the investment in case of alienation, exportation or transfer to third
persons proposed to solve this problem. However, the proposal
Ministry of Economy of late. If the beginning of 2008, net investment
Ukraine in the form of movable and immovable property was $ 618, 9 million
then last year the figure was only $ 0, 3 million, estimated SSC.
"As the demand for investment property in the form of drops, to prevent abuse
enough to tighten control over their state registration, - the director
economic programs of the Center Razumkov Basil Yurchishin .- But the government
more interested in mass audits and collecting money from the already operating
investment projects. " Criticism agree adviser to Prime Minister
on investment Kaskiv. "Abuse does
take place, but so far their amount was small - he admitted .- So
Ministry of Economy should be calculated, will cover a probable tax revenues
maintenance costs the checks, not to mention the effects
in the form of deteriorating investment climate. "

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