Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said that Ukraine will be prepared
time for the heating season . She told a government meeting .

Premier reported that gas storage in Ukraine is already pumped 22 billion
cu. "Today we have 22 billion cubic meters of gas pumped full
- Is 27 billion pays for it every day, regardless of the hysteria of individual
politicians. And just going day by day to pay. And finish the training
for the winter heating season is full of absolutely filled with technologically
gas storage in Ukraine ", - said Tymoshenko. Also, Tymoshenko said,
that at thermal power stations has already accumulated more than 5, 5 million tons of coal in
preparation for winter. "We now have record reserves of the country, it is
more than 5, 5 million tons of coal, as a preparation for the heating season. Always
at the time of maximum nekrizisnye had accumulated 3 million today, despite
shortage of money, we will prepare the Ukraine (for winter), safe, "- said the head of
government. The Prime said that in preparation for winter will be
tested the readiness of all technical systems. "Today we begin the process
and prepare the entire system for the winter. The country is preparing for the autumn-winter period
ahead of all the graphs, normal, and without some kind of threat ", - assured
She writes proUA.

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