The situation with the illumination of city streets at night is catastrophic.
This was stated by leader of the Civil Association " New Kiev" Zorian SHKIRYAK
on the results of monitoring for lighting streets of Kiev , have informed UNIAN
the press service of GO .

According to Z. SHKIRYAKA, sleeping in the arrays the situation is particularly bad -
there are illuminated not only the inner courtyards and alleys in residential districts,
but also the central road. On some fairly busy roads
correctly only 10% of the project of lighting, Z. SHKIRYAK stated, adding
that the situation is getting worse. "I guess so Chernovetskiy
and decided to save money in terms of total non-budget
but do so at the expense of the citizens - a crime ", - said Z.
SHKIRYAK. "I would advise the mayor and his team arrive at dusk
in any of the sleeping sets, get out of their luxurious Maybach and Rolls
Royces and what is called "legs" to walk on the streets of unanswered, and under
broken light on some broken-up shop to hold a meeting
on the theme "Lighting the capital at night" - ZI offered SHKIRYAK.
He also recalled that the dark streets and alleys - this is one of the main reasons
street accidents, traffic accidents and crime. "The situation with the lighting of the streets should be
drastically changed. For this to be developed and implemented a comprehensive
program aimed at improving street lighting in Kiev. Then the night
Kiev will be comfortable and safe, "- said Z. SHKIRYAK.

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