In the next 12 months, most of those planning to buy a car,
it will acquire a new car, such a study the company Touchpoll
Ukraine, which was held in July this year.

According to researchers 67% of those who are planning to purchase a car for
year is going to buy a new car, and 33% - boo. Experts note
that for those who plan to buy a new car, one of the most
important factors for choosing a new car is no trace
use the former owner (prior to this car nobody used)
- This alternative indicated 48% of respondents. At the same time, the other on
important factor for respondents identified the existence of guarantees - 43%. For the third
it is important that the new car will not break, and almost as important
confidence in that car accident-free. Interestingly, when this
legal and financial priorities have significantly less weight. Since only
for 17% of the supporters of the purchase of new cars plays a role more offers
credit, leasing and other financial programs. According to a study
to 15% is important to guarantee the legality (legal "purity") of the car
and 13% for ease of subsequent implementation. Experts say that the main
buying a car will cause a shortage of funds to purchase
new car (49%). Also, many (30%) are interested to buy interesting
their car, but at a lower price. According to a study about
29% believe that the car will is the best value for money.
Among other reasons, were also noted such benefits as an opportunity
buy a car above the class (for better integration, more prestigious)
for the same money - 27%, will the car losing value less than the new - 24%
like car model, the release of new models are no longer
- 22%. "The fact that during the crisis, two thirds of potential buyers auto plans
buy this new car - a positive signal for both importers
vehicles, and for the economy as a whole, "- says executive
director of research company Touchpoll Ukraine Dmitry Karpenko.
As the demand, he notes, significantly decreased compared to last
year, to win customers to track changes in behavior
consumers, and create a profitable and attractive offers.

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